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Upcoming Group Classes:

Community Yoga Summer 2021.png

These classes are great for those who prefer mindfully paced yoga that draws from Hatha, Vinyasa, and Gentle yoga, meditation, and breathwork techniques!

✨ Leave class feeling calm, & present ✨

No previous yoga or meditation experience required (beginners are highly encouraged to join).



Reach out to Mikky on Instagram, Facebook, or by email at

Winter Solstice smaller.png

Honor the winter season by taking a nice big rest.

Burrow down, enjoy a bit of gentle movement by candlelight, then luxuriate in a super comfy blanket nest for a 30-minute non-sleep deep rest/yoga nidra meditation as we mark the darkest time of year!

Community Yoga with Mikky (2).png

Can't make it to live virtual classes? Practice on your own time with instant access to the:

Private, semi-private, family, and birthday party yoga classes (for adults) can be arranged by booking a 15-minute phone consultation!

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