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Winter Solstice Rest & Relax Mini-Retreat (50 mins)

Winter Solstice Rest & Relax Mini-Retreat (50 mins)

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

Honor the winter season by taking a nice big rest.


Burrow down, enjoy a bit of gentle movement by candlelight, short writing prompts, intention setting, and then luxuriate in a super comfy blanket nest (could be on your floor or couch) for a 30-minute non-sleep deep rest/yoga nidra meditation as we relish in the darkest time of the year!



• paper & pen (for our brief written intention-setting prompts near the beginning)

• yoga mat / comfy surface

• blankets

• pillows or a bolster

• candle & lighter or other cozy lighting


OPTIONAL EXTRAS eye pillow/eye cover, journal, warm drink, cozy socks, pajamas, as many other soft items to help you become as luxuriously comfortable as possible for the meditation portion.

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